We buy gaming chairs because of the superior comfort that any other chairs can give us. They are specially intended for prolonged sitting. This makes a gaming chair also a preferred chair in offices and other venues other than gaming rooms.

With a gaming chair, you can feel relaxed and does not quickly get fatigued even after long hours of sitting. It is recommended for offices as it can make an employee more productive by being able to spend time standing and walking around to relax tired muscles. An employee can also rest in it during lunch breaks. In the gaming room, you will not surely last longer hours playing computer games if you are sitting on an ordinary chair.

But what really makes a GamerCrave gaming chair so comfortable? Here are the reasons.


Soft and Firm Seat Area

Sitting on a gaming chair is not painful on the buttocks because it has a soft yet firm cushion on the seat area. When not using gaming chairs, putting pillows or soft fabric is the usual alternative on plastic and wooden chairs. But even then, they may not be as comfortable as gaming chairs as they can easily be displaced from the seat area.

Superior Support from the Backrest

Aside from the buttocks, the back can also be stressed when on a prolonged sitting position. The soft and firm support of the backrest helps you maintain the right posture, which helps relieves stress from the back area. It also has a lumbar pillow that stabilizes the lower back. In prolonged sitting, it is not uncommon to experience low back pain because it bears the weight of your upper body.

Adjustable Height

The adjustable height of the gaming chair is a feature that separates it from plastic and wooden chairs. Adjusting the gaming chair to the ideal height will also help you to maintain good posture. With high chairs, you may be stooping down most often. In contrast, you may be giving more stress to your lower back when using a shorter chair.

Armrest and Foot Rest

Most office workers may experience shoulders, and upper body aches after their shifts. One reason is that their chairs may not have armrests. When a chair has armrests, the whole weight of the upper extremity is not concentrated on the shoulders.

Footrests make sitting on a gaming chair more comfortable as it allows you to raise your feet above the ground. This will avoid pooling of fluid in your foot, making it feeling tired.

Massage System

When choosing a gaming chair, always ask if it has a massage system in the backrest. You will surely feel better if you recline the backrest and lie down with the massage mechanism of the gaming chair. For sure, after 10-20 minutes, you can be with full spirits again.