It’s not because you have a garden at home that you need to buy a leaf blower. This tool, which used to be an exclusive gardening device, can be used for many other tasks at home.

But before rushing to buy a leaf blower, you must have to consider many factors. You should know that a leaf blower can be a handheld, backpack, or wheeled. It can also be a battery, electric, or gas-powered. To choose which of these will serve you best, you must know your purpose.

Another factor to consider is noise, production. The bigger the leaf blower, the noisier it is. If you are in the city, it may not be advisable for you to buy a wheeled and gas-powered leaf blower. You will surely find yourself in court one day because of complaining neighbors.

Here are the many innovative ways to use a leaf blower other than gathering leaves and mulching them in your garden.


Removing Snow from Driveways

One of the things that you should consider buying before winter arrives is a leaf blower. If you don’t want to be spading snow every time you drive your car, it is best to buy a battery or gas-powered leaf blower to blow snow deposits on your driveway.

Vacuuming Furniture

A handheld leaf blower can be a worthy substitute for a handheld vacuum cleaner when cleaning your sofa and mattress. It is also ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as space beneath your bed, cabinets, and furniture by attaching a nozzle attachment.

Unclogging Gutters

Fallen leaves from trees or blown plastic and paper are the usual cause of clogged gutters. To be able to clean your drain, attach a nozzle attachment to your backpack leaf blower. You can avoid spending on gutter repair if you do it regularly.

Cleaning the Outdoors

This can be the best time of the year to buy a leaf blower. Your driveway and garden must all be covered with leaves from trees. Some leaves may also have reached your pool area or patio. Instead of using a broom or a rake, use a leaf blower. It will surely be less time-consuming with minimal effort.

Car Interior Cleaning

If you have not yet tried cleaning your car’s interior with a handheld leaf blower, you will realize that it is the easiest way to do it. The seats, flooring, ceiling fabrics, and even the hard-to-reach areas can be thoroughly cleaned.