Factors to Consider While Buying a Smartphone

Factors to Consider While Buying a Smartphone

Buying the best smartphone can be quite challenging due to the wide variety available. The various phone companies release new models regularly, each having attractive features to try and make it in the competitive smartphone market. You can consider multiple factors to ensure that you get the most suitable smartphone for you. Some of the elements are highlighted below.

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If you are the type of user who installs many apps to your smartphone, play games regularly, or stream videos, then battery capacity should be a top factor to consider. This is because such activities usually cause the battery to drain a lot faster than usual. Go for a smartphone that has a high battery capacity with long-lasting features. You can also factor in how much time it takes to charge the battery fully.


The Read Only Memory and Random Access Memory, as well as the processor, are what determine ease of operation and speed of a smartphone. ROM is where the operating system, apps, and all other files are stored. ROM is where data is stored temporarily to enable multitasking. If you are an average user, go for a minimum of 16 GB ROM and 2GB RAM. For a heavy user, 64 GB ROM and 8 GB RAM will be a better choice to accommodate all your needs. Keep in mind that smartphones with higher memory capacity will always cost more.


smartphone iconsThe inbuilt cameras on smartphones are usually a major selling point for most brands, given how useful they can be in capturing memories. There is a combination of features that you will have to check to ensure that the camera can produce excellent images. Check the number of megapixels, ISO levels, shutter speed, aperture, and autofocus speed. Your choice should be influenced by the type of photography you intend to use it for. For night photography, for example, a camera with an aperture of f/2.0 or lower will be a good choice as it produces good results even in conditions of low light.


As mentioned earlier, the processor determines how fast a smartphone operates. The speed will be described in terms of Gigahertz. To ensure that you will have a great user experience, go for processors with high processing power, especially if you are a heavy user. You can also check the number of cores that the processor has as well as the type of processor as they can influence multitasking speeds and power consumption.…

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Smart Home Technologies

Smart Home Technologies

Most homeowners are investing in automating various processes in their home. Smart home, or a home with a brain, has become a widely celebrated concept in recent years. The chance to switch lights on or off when at work, programming your hot bath to start working when you are just about to get home, and being able to know whether you left a tap running is fascinating. Thus, smart homes are becoming more mainstream to homeowners, especially those in affluent neighborhoods.

Defining Features of a Smart Home

Here are some common features you are likely to find in any smart home.

Home Automation

Home automation is all about having all household appliances accessed and controlled remotely. Smart homes give homeowners the liberty to access and manage devices from their personal computers or smartphones. Home automation essentially means that you will be able to connect all devices, lighting, appliances, and entertainment consoles. It is also possible to manage utility appliances for optimal efficiency, which will see you cut down the amount of money spent on utility bills.

Security Systems

Another characteristic of a smart home is heightened security. Smart homeowners can network their surveillance systems with an intercom system. This implies that you can monitor the state of affairs at home while still at the office. Besides, you might also set some notification prompts to notify you when your garage door is open, when a window unexpectedly opens, or when the CCTV notices some movement around your home.

Integrated Telecommunication Systems

Telecommunication is not limited to the use of cell phones; it could also be about video calling technologies. Smart home technology can make the way you communicate at home. For instance, if your phone is ringing in the bedroom, you can transfer it to a nearby device. In the case of a video call, you can also use the nearby LCD. You can also use some attractive features like hold and mute.

smart homeProgrammable Entertainment Systems

Another staple in smart home technology are programmed entertainment system. Homeowners can customize the type of movies, TV shows along with other entertainment options from a centralized location. If you have a young family, it is now a lot easy to manage the kind of content they are exposed to at an early age.

Eco-friendly Appliances

Smart living is also about taking care of the environment. Every appliance in your home has an impact on your energy consumptions. Intelligent homes are also about having smart-grid ready, which are popularly known as energy saving appliances. This helps homeowners reduces the amounts of energy wastages, thus taking care of the environment.…

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